Page & Plant - No Quarter: Page and Plant Unledded

Page & Plant "No Quarter: Page and Plant Unledded" CD

Label: Fontana
Released: 1994
Style: Hard Rock
Country: United Kingdom


1. Nobody´s Fault But Mine
2. Thank You
3. No Quarter
4. Friends
5. Yallah
6. City Don´t Cry
7. Since I´ve Been Loving You
8. The Battle Of Evermore
9. Wonderful One
10. Wah Wah
11. That´s The Way
12. Gallows Pole
13. Four Sticks
14. Kashmir

Length: 01:19:32


This live CD documents the much-heralded reunion of Jimmy Page and Robert Plant performing with the London Metropolitan Orchestra in 1994. They perform Zeppelin favorites and four new songs.


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