Provenance, The - Red Flags

Provenance, The "Red Flags" Slipcase CD

Label: Peaceville
Released: 2006
Style: Gothic Metal/Dark Rock
Country: Sweden


1. At The Barricades
2. Crash Course
3. Thanks To You
4. Second And Last But Not Always
5. Revelling Masses
6. Leave-Takings
7. The Cost
8. Deadened
9. One Warning
10. Settle Soon

Length: 47:55


With a hunger for experimentation and creativity, since their birth in the later 1990’s each album has moved further from their original blend of death metal with progressive & folk influences to what is undoubtedly a huge leap forward for this Swedish female-fronted group with a difference.

The Provenance supply a new, non-conforming take on metal with their own brand of darkened rock, with the beautiful vocals of Emma Hellström mixing perfectly with those of Tobias Martinsson.


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