Pale Divine - Thunder Perfect Mind

Pale Divine "Thunder Perfect Mind" CD

Label: PsycheDOOMelic
Released: 2001/2005
Style: Heavy/Doom Metal
Country: USA


1. Amplified
2. Magic Potion
3. Judas Wheel
4. Pale Divine
5. Gods, Monsters and Men
6. Dream Flower
7. Star Child
8. Devil´s Mark
9. 20 Buck Spin (Pentagram cover)
10. Dark Knight

Bonus track:
11. Amplified (Live)
12. Pale Divine (Live)

Length: 57:54 + bonus


Pale Divine are one of the brighter stars in the contemporary doom firmament. Heavy, 70´s flavoured doom with the focus on songwriting and fluid wah-wah drenched solos. A modern day equivalent of the wondrous Pentagram. Re-release of the out of print debut album on Game Two Records with two lengthy live cuts. The wonderful CD is sure to please fans of Penance, Trouble, Saint Vitus and Pentagram.


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