Primordial - Imrama (Deluxe)

Primordial "Imrama (Deluxe)" Digipak CD/DVD

Label: Metal Blade
Released: 1995/2009
Style: Celtic/Folk/Black Metal
Country: Ireland


CD: "Imrama"
1. Fuil Ársa
2. Infernal Summer
3. Here I Am King
4. The Darkest Fire
5. The Fires...
6. Mealltach
7. Let The Sun Set On Life Forever
8. To The Ends Of The Earth
9. Beneath A Bronze Sky
10. Awaiting The Dawn...

Bonus: "Dark Romanticism" demo 1993
1. To Enter Pagan
2. The Darkest Flame
3. Among the Lazarae
4. To the Ends of the Earth

DVD: Live Cork City, Ireland, February 1994
1. Among the Lazarae
2. Let the Sun Set on Life Forever
3. To Enter Pagan
4. The Darkest Flame
5. The Fires

Length: 01:08:16 + DVD


Recorded in late 1994 and originally released by Cacophonous Records in the autumn of 1995, "Imrama" already displayed the band´s sense for overwhelming melodies, epic drama and total commitment, wrapped in a raw sound with a much stronger black metal influence than is apparent in the band´s more recent output. The reissue comes as a CD/DVD package including the remastered album plus unreleased demos and live recordings, packaged in a precious black linen slipcase with glossy golden hot foil print, containing a six-page digipack with the original artwork, the two discs and a 16-page booklet with new liner notes and additional photos.


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