Plant, Robert - Dreamland

Plant, Robert "Dreamland" CD

Label: Mercury
Released: 2002
Style: Blues Rock
Country: United Kingdom


1. Funny in My Mind (I Believe I´m Fixin´ to Die)
2. Morning Dew
3. One More Cup of Coffee
4. Last Time I Saw Her
5. Song to the Siren
6. Win My Train Fare Home (If I Ever Get Lucky)
7. Darkness, Darkness
8. Red Dress
9. Hey Joe
10. Skip´s Song
11. Dirt in a Hole



Planti 2002. aasta stuudioalbum on selles mõttes eriline, et sisaldab suurel hulgal kaverlugusid peamiselt bluusi vallast. Lugudest nagu "Darkness, Darkness", "Morning Dew" ja "Hey Joe" õhkub aga ka tugevasti Led Zeppelini vaimu.


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