Pagan Reign - Vo Vremeni Bõlin

Pagan Reign "Vo Vremeni Bõlin" MCD

Label: Sound Age
Released: 2005
Style: Melodic Folk/Pagan Metal
Country: Russia


1. Vo Vremeni Bõlin
2. Nebesnõe Strazhi
3. Ognem i mechom
4. Slavjanskoje vosstanie

Video "Prolitaja Krov"

Length: 22:51


Pagan Reign is definitely one of the best pagan metal bands to incorporate slavonic folk melodies in huge quantities into their music. The band trods in the same musical arena as Skyforger, Thyrfing, Nomans Land, Thrudvangar and others, producing melodic mid-paced metal with raspy vocals and prominent pagan/viking themes.

"Vo Vremeni Bõlin" is Pagan Reign´s mini-album from 2005, including a video clip as bonus.


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