Pagan Reign - Ancient Fortress

Pagan Reign "Ancient Fortress" CD

Label: Sound Age
Released: 2006
Style: Melodic Folk/Pagan Metal
Country: Russia


1. The Svarog´s Light Will Shine Again in Our Lands
2. Guardians of Heaven
3. Ancient Fortress - Enemy at the Gate (part I)
4. Ancient Fortress - The Last Battle (part II)
5. By Fire And Sword
6. Back To Ancient Times
7. Slavonic Arise
8. Rarog
9. Novgorodian Folk Dance
10. Light Of The Sun
11. With the Power of Fallen Heroes - Honour of the Native Land

Bonus track:
12. Aurora Borealis

Length: 01:00:02


Pagan Reign is definitely one of the best pagan metal bands to incorporate slavonic folk melodies in huge quantities into their music. The band trods in the same musical arena as Skyforger, Thyrfing, Nomans Land, Thrudvangar and others, producing melodic mid-paced metal with raspy vocals and prominent pagan/viking themes.

The english version of "Tverd - Ancient Fortress" material. Features a bonus track.


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