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Pergalė "Horizontalios Maldos Palaima" CD
Label Inferna Profundus
Release date 2011
Style Melancholic Black┬┤n┬┤Roll
Country Leedu
Price: 11.49 EUR


1. A├░ Tave Subadysiu (I Will Stab You) [MySpace]
2. The Addiction Song
3. Sado Mazo Vokietija (Sado Mazo Germany)
4. Vie├░namio Harmonija (The Whorehouse Harmony)
5. Viskis (Whiskey)
6. Horizontalios Maldos Palaima (The Felicity of Horizontal Praying)
7. Sado Mazo Vokietija (McKaras Remix)

Length: 41:04

Melancholic piano-laden rock┬┤n┬┤rollish black metal from Lithuania. Pergal├ę is pretty much a supergroup of lithuanian extreme metal scene, featuring members from bands like Argharus, Obtest, Andaja and Poccolus. This is their debut album, released by Inferna Profundus.

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