Pendragon - Passion (Ltd.)

Pendragon "Passion (Ltd.)" Digibook CD/DVD

Label: Madfish
Released: 2011
Style: Neo-Progressive Rock
Country: United Kingdom


1. Passion
2. Empathy
3. Feeding Frenzy
4. This Green And Pleasant Land
5. It´s Just A Matter Of Not Getting Caught
6. Skara Brae
7. Your Black Heart

- Progumentary

Length: 54:45


Pendragon formed in 1978 and since its inception has built up a fanatical global following. Their 2011 album "Passion" builds on the exciting foundations created by it´s predecessor "Pure" and further expands the band’s sound, following and profile.

A deluxe digibook, accompanied by a DVD featuring a behind-the-scenes "Progumentary" filmed by the band themselves while recording the album.


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