Pallas - XXV (Ltd.)

Pallas "XXV (Ltd.)" CD/DVD

Label: Mascot
Released: 2011
Style: Progressive Rock
Country: Scotland, UK


1. Falling Down
2. Crash And Burn
3. Something In The Deep
4. Monster
5. The Alien Messiah
6. XXV (Part I)
7. Young God
8. Sacrifice
9. Blackwood
10. Violet Sky
11. XXV (Part II)

DVD: Live From Loreley
- Falling Dawn
- Monster
- Young God
- Violet Sky
- Day On The Rock
- Night On The Rock

Length: 01:01:55


Pallas were one of the bands (Marillion, Pendragon etc) at the vanguard of what was termed neo-progressive during progressive rock´s second-wave revival in the early 1980s. Their new album from 2011 is the successor to their 1984 release "The Sentinel", thematically.


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