Pendragon - Believe

Pendragon "Believe" CD

Label: Madfish
Released: 2005/2011
Style: Neo-Progressive Rock
Country: United Kingdom


1. Believe
2. No Place For The Innocent
3. The Wisdom Of Solomon
4. For your journey
5. So by sowest
6. We talked
7. Two roads
8. Learning Curve
9. The Edge Of The World

Length: 51:31


Pendragon formed in 1978 and since its inception has built up a fanatical global following.

Madfish/Snapper are in the process of releasing new editions of albums from throughout the band´s back catalogue. This series continues with "Believe", the 2005 album that was originally released on the band´s own Toff´s Records. This new edition features a 16 page booklet.


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