Jarre, Jean-Michel - Equinoxe Infinity

Jarre, Jean-Michel "Equinoxe Infinity" Digipak CD

Label: Sony Music
Released: 2018
Style: Electronic
Country: France


1. The Watchers (Movement 1)
2. Flying Totems (Movement 2)
3. Robots Dont Cry (Movement 3)
4. All That You Leave Behind (Movement 4)
5. If The Wind Could Speak (Movement 5)
6. Infinity (Movement 6)
7. Machines Are Learning (Movement 7)
8. The Opening (Movement 8)
9. Don´t Look Back (Movement 9)
10. Equinoxe Infinity (Movement 10)



A sequel to Jarre´s fourth studio album, "Equinoxe", which was released 40 years ago and the artwork (created by Filip Hodas) references the original cover.

The album cover art is random (two different designs - at the request of Jean Michel Jarre) so you don´t know which one you are getting!


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