Whitesnake "1987 (30th Anniversary Edition) (Ettetellimine / Pre-order)" 2LP
Label Rhino
Release date 1987/2017
Style Hard Rock
Country Suurbritannia
Price: 19.99 EUR


Side A:
1. Still Of The Night
2. Bad Boys
3. You┬┤re Gonna Break My Heart Again
4. Straight For The Heart
5. Here I Go Again 87

Side B:
1. Give Me All Your Love
2. Is This Love
3. Children Of The Night
4. Crying In The Rain
5. Don┬┤t Turn Away

Side C:
1. Still Of The Night - 2017 Remix
2. Is This Love - 2017 Remix
3. Give Me All Your Love - 2017 Remix
4. Here I Go Again 87 - 2017 Remix
5. Looking For Love

Side D:
1. Bad Boys / Children of the Night - Live
2. Here I Go Again - Live
3. Is This Love - Live
4. Give Me All Your Love - Live
5. Still of the Night - Live


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"Whitesnake", the self-titled 1987 album by the legendary British rock act, was a major hit and one of the top-selling albums in the hair/glam metal genre, reaching the 2. place in Billboard 200 charts.

This 30th anniversary double vinyl reissue includes the newly remastered album expanded with a selection of unreleased bonus recordings.

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