Kreator - Coma Of Souls

Kreator "Coma Of Souls" Gatefold 3LP

Label: Noise / BMG
Released: 1990/2018
Style: Thrash Metal
Country: Germany


LP 1:
Side A:
1. When the Sun Burns Red
2. Coma Of Souls
3. People Of The Lie
4. World Beyond
5. Terror Zone

Side B:
6. Agents Of Brutality
7. Material World Paranoia
8. Twisted Urges
9. Hidden Dictator
10. Mental Slavery

LP 2 - Live in Fürth, Germany:
Side A:
1. When the Sun Burns Red
2. Betrayer
3. Terrible Certainty
4. Extreme Aggression

Side B:
5. Coma of Souls
6. People of the Lie
7. Choir of the Damned
8. The Pestilence

LP 3 - Live in Fürth, Germany:
Side A:
9. Toxic Trace
10. Drum Solo
11. Terror Zone
12. Pleasure to Kill

Side B:
13. Flag of Hate
14. Agents of Brutality
15. Riot of Violence
16. Tormentor

Length: 44:45 + bonus


Kreator´s fifth album, "Coma Of Souls" came towards the end of the thrash metal explosion of the 1980-s and retained their classic thrash sound whilst combining more melodic elements of classic metal bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.

2018 remastered reissue on triple vinyl (transparent red).


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