Marduk - Wormwood (Ettetellimine / Pre-order)

Marduk "Wormwood (Ettetellimine / Pre-order)" LP

Label: Century Media
Released: 2009/2018
Style: Black Metal
Country: Sweden


Side A:
1. Nowhere, No-One, Nothing
2. Funeral Dawn
3. This Fleshly Void
4. Unclosing The Curse
5. Into Utter Madness

Side B:
6. Phosphorous Redeemer
7. To Redirect Perdition
8. Whorecrown
9. Chorus Of Cracking Necks
10. As A Garment

Length: 45.59



An unswerving commitment to blasphemy and extremity combined with a relentless touring schedule and a steady stream of recordings has helped establish Sweden´s MARDUK as one of the best-known bands on the Scandinavian black metal scene. MARDUK is stronger then ever before! MARDUK has made once more an outstanding black-metal style slab of insanity with “Wormwood”. This is a MUST have album for all MARDUK fans, or better Black Metal fans in general.


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