Five Finger Death Punch - And Justice For None (Ettetellimine / Pre-order)

Five Finger Death Punch "And Justice For None (Ettetellimine / Pre-order)" 2LP

Label: Eleven Seven
Released: 2018
Style: Modern Metal
Country: USA


1. Fake
2. Top of the World
3. Sham Pain
4. Blue on Black
5. Fire in the Hole
6. I Refuse
7. It Doesn´t Matter
8. When the Seasons Change
9. Stuck in My Ways
10. Rock Bottom
11. Gone Away
12. Bloody
13. Will the Sun Ever Rise



ILMUB 18.05. Ettetellimishind kehtib piiratud aja jooksul!

Seitsmes stuudioalbum Ameerika moodsa metali gigandilt Five Finger Death Punch!

Black double vinyl.


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