Ampledeed - A is for Ampledeed

Ampledeed "A is for Ampledeed" Digisleeve CD

Label: Ample Studios
Released: 2013
Style: Jazz/Fusion/Prog Rock
Country: USA


1. We Breathe Time
2. Super Collider Bromwich
3. It´s Hard Work to Work (When You´re Hard)
4. Wanders and Wonders
5. Why 6 Is Afraid of 7
6. Drum Fuckin´
7. Brown Hole Blues
8. Travel Guide for the Maladjusted
9. Wake of the Galaxy
10. Burning the Midnight Man Train to Georgia On My Mind
11. If I Come Down
12. Big Ole Bigiddy Balls
13. From Within a Tetrapathic Quasar
14. Dragon Lance



Ampledeed´s music has a strong jazz inflected Canterbury feel but with a melodic sensibility.


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