Agren, Morgan - Batterie Deluxe

Agren, Morgan "Batterie Deluxe" Gatefold LP

Label: Transubstans
Released: 2015
Style: Fusion/Prog Rock
Country: Sweden


Side A:
1. Grov 1
2. Isarn
3. Yläjärvi
4. Mamadou
5. Elka Deep Phase
6. Astronauten

Side B:
1. The One M
2. Lucky Luciano #2
3. NH1
4. Alap Clav
5. F Files
6. Agamon



"Batterie Deluxe" is the first solo album of famed Swedish drummer Morgan Agren. It features great guest spots by MATS ÖBERG, JIMMY ÅGREN, DEVIN TOWNSEND, FREDRIK THORDENDAL, NEYVELI RADHAKRISHNA, TINA AHLIN, MAMADOU SENE and SIMON STEENSLAND.


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