Phlox - Keri

Phlox "Keri" LP

Label: MKDK
Released: 2017
Style: Powerjazz
Country: Estonia


Side A:
1. Mahlad
2. Rotwang
3. Käsi
4. Plindon Tulndolnd

Side B:
5. Itk
6. Betoonpurjed
7. 750
8. Puu taga ilves



Phlox is a fusion/prog-rock band from Tallinn, Estonia. Although their line up has gone through numerous changes over the years, most of the members have close ties with MKDK, a jazz-rock/avantgarde record label, non-profit organization and movement of artists and musicians, who frequently switch from one band to another, especially between Phlox, BF and Lippajad.

"Keri" is Phlox´ sixth studio album. Vinyl LP + download code.


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