Amon Düül II - Yeti

Amon Düül II "Yeti" Gatefold 2LP

Label: Revisited
Released: 1970/2009
Style: Psych/Krautrock
Country: Germany


Side A:
1. Soap Shop Rock:
- a. Burning Sister
- b. Halluzination Guillotine
- c. Gulp A Sonata
- d. Flesh-Coloured Anti-Aircraft Alarm
2. She Came through the Chimney

Side B:
3. Archangels Thunderbird
4. Cerberus
5. The Return of Ruebezahl
6. Eye-Shaking King
7. Pale Gallery

Side C:
8. Yeti (Improvisation)

Side D:
9. Yeti Talks to Yogi (Improvisation)
10. Sandoz in the Rain (Improvisation)

Length: 01:07:59


The legendary German rock band. Amon Düül II is generally considered to be one of the founders of the Krautrock scene and a seminal influence on the development of it.

The second studio album, released in 1970.


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