Pembroke, Jim - Pigworm

Pembroke, Jim "Pigworm" Gatefold LP

Label: Svart
Released: 1974/2018
Style: Pop/Prog Rock
Country: Finland / UK


Side A:
1. Do The Pigworm
2. Just My Situation
3. Sweet Marie
4. Time To Make A Stand
5. No New Games To Play

Side B:
1. Another Telephone Call
2. Resigned To Surrender
3. Sweet Revelation
4. That´s The Way It Goes
5. No More Terra Firma



Pembroke´s 2nd solo album, originally released on Love Records in 1974. Svart Records proudly present the first ever vinyl reissue of this important piece of Finnish progressive rock history, presented with gatefold covers and new liner notes by music historian Jaakko Riihimaa.

Green vinyl limited to 200 copies. Gatefold jacket with insert.


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