Crimson Jazz Trio - Songbook Vol. 2

Crimson Jazz Trio "Songbook Vol. 2" Digipak CD

Label: Panegyric
Released: 2009
Style: Jazz/Fusion
Country: UK/USA


1. In the Court of the Crimson King
2. Pictures of a City
3. One Time
4. Frame by Frame
5. Inner Garden
6. Heartbeat
7. Islands Suite: Press Gang
8. Islands Suite: Zero Dark Thirty
9. Islands Suite: Formentera Lady
10. Islands Suite: Sailor´s Tale
11. Islands Suite: The Plank
12. Lament



King Crimsoni looming jazzivõtmes. Crimson Jazz Trio taga seisab endine KC trummar Ian Wallace, kes ühes pianist Jody Nardone ja bassimehe Tim Landersiga mängivad instrumentaalseid jazz-versioone KC tuntud paladest.


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