Amon Düül II - Phallus Dei

Amon Düül II "Phallus Dei" Digipak CD

Label: Revisited
Released: 1969/2006
Style: Psych/Krautrock
Country: Germany


1. Phallus Dei
2. Kanaan
3. Dem Guten, Schönen, Wahren
4. Luzifers Ghilom
5. Henriette Krötenschwanz

Bonus tracks:
6. TouchMaPhal
7. I Want The Sun To Shine

Length: 40:42 + bonus


The legendary German rock band. Amon Düül II is generally considered to be one of the founders of the Krautrock scene and a seminal influence on the development of it.

"Phallus Dei" is their 1969 debut album. This 2006 re-remastered reissue contains two bonus tracks, both recorded about 15 years after the original album´s release.


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