Astra - The Black Chord

Astra "The Black Chord" Slipcase CD

Label: Rise Above
Released: 2012
Style: Psychedelic Prog Rock
Country: USA


1. Cocoon
2. The Black Chord
3. Quake Meat
4. Drift
5. Bull Torpis
6. Barefoot in the Head

Length: 46:12


Now that the term ‘Prog’ is no longer considered a four letter-word, the world is ready for a band like San Diego based Astra to actually make the term vital and effortlessly cool. Their Psychedelic brand of Progressive Rock manages to avoid the ghastly, self-indulgent cliché’s that predominated the bloated gut of its bad hair styled mid-seventies/early eighties definition. Astra make timeless music for timeless people. Their sound is a true breath of fresh air in these generally stagnant times. The care and attention given to every detail within The Weirding displays a dedication that is these days seldom seen or heard.


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