Quintessence Mystica - The 5th Harmonic of Death

Quintessence Mystica "The 5th Harmonic of Death" CD

Label: Schwarzdorn
Released: 2011
Style: Symphonic Black Metal
Country: Ukraine


1. Vector Space of Desires
2. Triumph of Cold Steel
3. Aspects of Contemplation Projected Onto the Eternity
4. Entropy of Sanity
5. Crossroads of Time
6. Metaphysics of War
7. Unleashing the Dogs of War
8. When Sacred Flame Inspires The Souls of Heroes
9. Memorial
10. The Symphony of The Bare Feelings
11. Frankenwald Mystery

Length: 42:48


Quintessence Mystica is a Ukrainian sympho black metal project helmed by Master Alafern who is also main composer as well as bassist, guitarist and violinist and involved with Thunderkraft, Svyatogor and Triglav.


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