Ride For Revenge - The King Of Snakes

Ride For Revenge "The King Of Snakes" CD

Label: Northern Heritage
Released: 2007
Style: Black Metal
Country: Finland


1. Disturbed by Spiritual Tormentors
2. Eternal Woman (Hell of Your Love)
3. The Vision Remains
4. Initation Interrupted
5. Death of the Feeble Masses
6. Crush the King of Snakes
7. We Rise Above
8. Commands from the Antichrist
9. Crawl in the Mud
10. Erotic Needs in Emotional Void

Length: 34:10


Heaviest and darkest black metal ritual emerging from Finland! Imagine extremely downtuned version of the slowest Beherit tracks and you
might come close, but still find decent amount of originality.


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