Roger Ruskin Spear - Electric Shocks

Roger Ruskin Spear "Electric Shocks" CD

Label: Esoteric Recordings
Released: 1972/2014
Style: Psychedelic Rock
Country: United Kingdom


1. All By Yourself In The Moonlight
2. I´m A Fly
3. Mattress Man
4. Blue Baboon
5. The Liberty Laughing Song
6. Doctor Rock
7. Patrick Moore
8. Make Yourself A Happiness Pie
9. Living Doll

Bonus - "Rebel Trouser" EP:
10. Trouser Freak
11. Trouser Press
12. Release Me
13. Drop Out



An expanded official remastered edition of 1972´s “ELECTRIC SHOCKS”, the first solo album by the legendary multi-instrumentalist, eccentric and former Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band member ROGER RUSKIN SPEAR.


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