Running Wild - Blazon Stone

Running Wild "Blazon Stone" Digipak CD

Label: Noise / BMG
Released: 1991/2017
Style: Heavy/Power Metal
Country: Germany


1. Blazon Stone
2. Lonewolf
3. Slavery
4. Fire & Ice
5. Little Big Horn
6. Over the Rainbow
7. White Masque
8. Rolling Wheels
9. Bloody Red Rose
10. Straight to Hell
11. Heads or Tails

1. Billy the Kid
2. Genocide
3. Blazon Stone (reworked version)
4. Little Big Horn (reworked version)

Length: 49:27 + bonus


Running Wild´s sixth full-length was released in 1991 and proved to be their most ambitious to date. This 13-track epic is a huge masterpiece seeing the band delve into the textbooks of history, this time around drawing inspiration from the Wild West with songs like "Billy The Kid" and "Little Big Horn".

2017 CD reissue with four bonus tracks.


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