RainPaint - Disillusion Of Purity

RainPaint "Disillusion Of Purity" CD

Label: My Kingdom
Released: 2006
Style: Gothic Metal
Country: Finland


1. Year or two
2. Give back my heart
3. Heart will stop
4. Thru the mire
5. Disintegration
6. Purity
7. Final Peace
8. Inside me
9. Disillusion

Length: 49:55


After the acclaimed debut album "Nihil Nisi Mors", Rain Paint offers a hugely impressive follow-up with "Disillusion Of Purity" - a monument of mournful, majestic atmosphere, a place where rage, energy and pathos intersect. Elements of doom, progressive, death, rock, goth and melodic metal are all heard in their unique brew.


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