Ravenous, The - Blood Delirium

Ravenous, The "Blood Delirium" CD

Label: Red Stream
Released: 2004
Style: Horror Death Metal
Country: USA


1. Razor Blade Salvation
2. Mordum
3. August Underground
4. Gore Whore
5. Baptized by Demon´s Piss
6. Nightmares in a Damaged Brain
7. Festering Beneath the Fog
8. A Corpse is Forever
9. Blood Delirium
10. Spawned by Ghoul Insemination
11. You Will Be Eaten Alive

Length: 35:28


On their second full length, this twisted horror/death metal act shows they are more than just another puked-up side-project. Even more bizarre and sick-to-the-bone, The Ravenous presents eleven fucked-up death metal tracks.


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