Regurgitate - Carnivorous Erection

Regurgitate "Carnivorous Erection" CD

Label: Relapse
Released: 2000
Style: Goregrind
Country: Sweden


1. The Pulsating Feast
2. Domination Through Mutilation
3. Escortservice of the Dead
4. Obscene Body Slayings
5. Fecal Freak
6. Humiliated in Your Own Blood
7. Just Another Stillborn
8. Parade of the Decapitated Midgets
9. Ruptured Remains in a Doggybag
10. Copious Head Carnage
11. Carnivorous Erection
12. Relentless Pursuit of Rotting Flesh
13. Swallow the Human Filth
14. Dismantle the Afterbirth
15. Choked in Shit
16. Funeral Genocide
17. Rancid Head of Splatter
18. Rage Against Humanity
19. To Boil a Corpse [MP3]
20. Bloody Pile of Human Waste
21. Drenched in Cattleblood
22. Carbonated Death
23. Skull of Shit and Sludge
24. Desperate Need For Violation
25. 37 Stabwounds
26. Vomified (Regurgitated to the Core)
27. Headless She Died
28. Breath Like Rotten Meat
29. I Wanna Kill
30. Claw-Hammer Castration
31. Festering Embryonic Vomit
32. Smeared With Bloodmixed Semen
33. You´re About to Fuckin´ Die [MP3]
34. Stinking Genital Warts
35. Pyronecrobestiality
36. Selfdisembowelment
37. Savage Gorewhore
38. The Combustion and Consumption of Pyorrheic Waste



2000. aasta stuudioalbum legendaarselt Rootsi splatter-grindi jõugult. Armutud on nii saund, kontimurdev tempo kui mõnusalt segane vokaalipartii. Heas mõttes võib ära tunda mõjutusi nii vanalt Napalm Death´ilt, Carcassilt kui Repulsion´ilt. Tähelepanu tasub pöörata ka kaanekujundusele, mis tsenseeriti ilmudes koguni 47 riigis!


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