Revelations Of Rain - Marble Shades Of Despair

Revelations Of Rain "Marble Shades Of Despair" CD

Label: Solitude
Released: 2007
Style: Death/Doom Metal
Country: Russia


1. One of the Winter Days
2. December
3. Requiem
4. Condemned to Be Silent
5. Rain
6. On the Edge of the Earth
7. Paths of Doom
8. Sunset

Length: 55:08


Revelations of Rain´s brand of melodic death-doom is very close to both old-school bands like My Dying Bride and new-wave European doom-death (Swallow the Sun, Mourning Beloveth). The lyrics, which are written in Russian have a very deep sense and greatly combine with heavy but melodic music of the band that continues the very best traditions of death-doom school.


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