Running Wild - Branded And Exiled

Running Wild "Branded And Exiled" Digipak CD

Label: Noise/BMG
Released: 1985/2017
Style: Heavy/Speed/Power Metal
Country: Germany


1. Branded and Exiled
2. Gods of Iron
3. Realm of Shades
4. Mordor
5. Fight the Oppression
6. Evil Spirit
7. Marching to Die
8. Chains and Leather

9. Branded and Exiled (Re-Recorded Version 1991)
10. Fight the Oppression (Re-Recorded Version 1991)
11. Marching to Die (Re-Recorded Version 1991)
12. Branded and Exiled (Re-Recorded Version 2003)
13. Mordor (Re-Recorded Version 2003)



Running Wildi teine stuudioalbum "Branded And Exiled" ilmus aastal 1985 ning jätkas esikplaadi "Gates To Purgatory" kõlapilti ja temaatikat.

2017. aasta uusväljaanne 5 lisalooga! Remasteeritud.


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