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Rage "Soundchaser" CD
Label SPV
Release date 2003
Style Heavy/Power Metal
Country Saksamaa
Price: 12.99 EUR


1. Orgy of Destruction
2. War of Worlds [MySpace]
3. Great Old Ones
4. Soundchaser
5. Defenders of the Ancient Life
6. Secrets in a Weird World
7. Flesh and Blood
8. Human Metal
9. See You in Heaven or Hell
10. Wake the Nightmares (Falling from Grace Pt. 1)
11. Death is on It┬┤s Way (Falling from Grace Pt. 2)

Length: 53:20

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Along with "Unity", "Soundchaser" is a great introduction to the newer style of Rage. While their 80s output was mostly high-octane speed/power metal, they┬┤ve pretty much evolved into a full fledged, midpaced heavy metal behemoth, with claws and razor sharp teeth over time, and this is by far the culmination of said style. (Empyreal, Metal Archives)

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