Reverend Bizarre - In The Rectory Of Bizarre Reverend / Return To The Rectory

Reverend Bizarre "In The Rectory Of Bizarre Reverend / Return To The Rectory" 2CD

Label: Spikefarm
Released: 2002/2004
Style: Doom Metal
Country: Finland


CD 1 - "In the Rectory of Bizarre Reverend":
1. Burn in Hell!
2. In The Rectory
3. The Hour of Death
4. Sodoma Sunrise
5. Doomsower
6. Cirith Ungol

CD 2 - "Return to the Rectory":
1. The March Of The War Elephants
2. The Festival
3. The Goddess Of Doom
4. Aleister
5. For You Who Walk In The Land Of The Shadows
6. Dark Sorceress (Autumn Siege) (Barathrum cover)
7. The Wrath Of The War Elephants
8. Doom Over the World (video)

Length: 01:14:06/01:05:49


Doom metal as it was meant to be! Special re-mastered 2-disc edition includes an enhanced bonus CD with exclusive "Return To The Rectory" "mini-album".


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