Racer X - Getting Heavier

Racer X "Getting Heavier" CD

Label: Mascot
Released: 2002
Style: Heavy Metal
Country: USA


1. Dr. X
2. Lucifer´s Hammer
3. Golden God
4. Bucket Of Rocks
5. Go-GG-Go
6. Heaven In ´74
7. Everything´s Everything
8. Empty Man
9. The Siren´s Eye
10. Ghost Dance
11. Endless
12. Catapult To Extinction

Length: 56:21


2003 studio album, their third since reforming in 1999. Racer X strikes again with more intensity & pure screaming heavy metal than ever before. The band, again, makes no compromises & offer high octane metal which rocks from the first second to the last.


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