Rigor Sardonicous - Apocalypsis Damnare 2005

Rigor Sardonicous "Apocalypsis Damnare 2005" CD

Label: Paragon
Released: 2005
Style: Raw Apocalyptic Doom Metal
Country: USA


1. Intro
2. Apocalypsis Damnare
3. Pandemic
4. Human Rot
5. Saprophyte
6. Holy Suicide
7. Misery
8. The Deathless Sol

Length: 41:47


Coined as "raw, apocalyptic doom", Rigor Sardonicous is one of the earliest American doom metal bands that are still active today among Novembers Doom and Evoken. This is slow, cold, torturous doom at its absolute heaviest and darkest, influenced by slow parts of death metal bands like Obituary, Winter and Autopsy. Definitely a gem for fans of Disembowelment and Thergothon.

The re-recorded version of Rigor Sardonicous´ 1999 same-titled debut.


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