Resurrected - Butchered In Excrements

Resurrected "Butchered In Excrements" CD

Label: Perverted Taste
Released: 2001
Style: Brutal Death/Grind Metal
Country: Germany


1. The Beginning of Terror
2. Dripping With Blood
3. Deadly Lessons
4. Wait To Suffer
5. Macabre Fuckfest
6. Infecting The Crypts
7. Ophidicism
8. Entangled In Madness
9. Butchered In Excrement
10. Conquered Suffering



Brutaalne, tehniline ning grindisugemetega death-metal teada-tuntud Saksa fanaatikutelt. Julgelt soovituslik kuulamismaterjal kõigile klassikalise USA-koolkonna brutal-death-metali austajatele - a la varane Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation ja Deeds Of Flesh.


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