Resurrected - Raping Whores

Resurrected "Raping Whores" CD

Label: Perverted Taste
Released: 1998/2004
Style: Brutal Death/Grind Metal
Country: Germany


1. As Heaven Declines
2. Rotten And Worthless
3. Hook Handed Demon
4. Damned By Temptation
5. Suffer My Insanity
6. Blessed By The Priest
7. Pray To Lord...
8. Impiety Breed
9. Nailed On Cross (Let Him Fester)
10. Wide Open Cunt

Length: 35:46


Brutal and furious death metal from Germany. Highly recommended to every fan of brutal US style death metal (early Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation, but also Severe Torture and Deeds Of Flesh).


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