Running Wild - Best Of Adrian

Running Wild "Best Of Adrian" Compilation CD

Label: GUN
Released: 2006
Style: Heavy/Speed/Power Metal
Country: Germany


1. The Rivalry
2. Draw the Line
3. Detonator
4. Firebreather
5. Kiss of Death
6. Ballad of William Kidd
7. Victory
8. Tsar
9. Welcome to Hell
10. The Brotherhood
11. Pirate Song
12. Rogues en Vogue
13. Bad to the Bone (live)
14. Welcome to Hell (live)
15. Under Jolly Roger (live)

Length: 01:16:18


"Best of Adrian" is a compilation album that covers a selection of the Running Wild´s 9 GUN years, spanning from "The Rivalry" to "Rogues en Vogue", years 1998-2005.


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