Realmbuilder - Summon The Stone Throwers

Realmbuilder "Summon The Stone Throwers" CD

Label: I Hate
Released: 2009
Style: Epic Heavy/Doom Metal
Country: USA


1. Bow Before the Oligarchy
2. Silver Ziggurat
3. Ninety-Nine Raids
4. Forgotten Minion
5. Summon the Stone Throwers
6. Colossal Glaciers
7. The Tarnished Crown



Ehedalt eepiline metal aastast 2010, vanas heas heavy/doom-võtmes. Realmbuilder on tugevalt inspiratsiooni hauganud sellistelt gruppidelt nagu Cirith Ungol, Manilla Road, Doomsword, Dark Quarterer ja Heavy Load.


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