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Realmbuilder "Summon The Stone Throwers" CD
Label I Hate
Release date 2009
Style Epic Heavy/Doom Metal
Country USA
Price: 12.99 EUR


1. Bow Before the Oligarchy
2. Silver Ziggurat [MySpace]
3. Ninety-Nine Raids
4. Forgotten Minion
5. Summon the Stone Throwers
6. Colossal Glaciers
7. The Tarnished Crown

Length: 35:03

True epic metal that doesn’t rely on gimmicks or technical bravura, but well-arranged songs featuring creative riffs, tasty solos and dramatic yet earnest vocals. The band has carved out a unique heavy metal persona and although they are not a doom metal band, the spaciousness and cumulative progressions often found in that genre are things they appreciate and try to achieve with their mostly mid-paced and occasionally slow epic metal music. They want their songs to conjure an old lost world wherein men’s battles are set against fantastical and regal and ruined landscapes.

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