Running Wild - Masquerade

Running Wild "Masquerade" Digipak CD

Label: Noise / BMG
Released: 1995/2017
Style: Heavy/Power Metal
Country: Germany


1. The Contract / The Crypts of Hades
2. Masquerade
3. Demonized
4. Black Soul
5. Lions of the Sea
6. Rebel at Heart
7. Wheel of Doom
8. Metalhead
9. Soleil Royal
10. Men in Black
11. Underworld

Bonus tracks:
12. Lions of the Sea
13. Black Soul

Length: 52:49 + bonus


A classic album from Running Wild´s 1990s-era, "Masquerade" follows the path trodden by "Pile Of Skulls" (1992) and "Black Hand Inn" (1994).

Remastered and reissued with two bonus tracks.


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