Rossomahaar - Imperium Tenebrarum

Rossomahaar "Imperium Tenebrarum" CD

Label: Sound Age
Released: 1999/2003
Style: Death/Black Metal
Country: Russia


1. Into the Domain beyond all Horizons
2. Mists of Eternity
3. The Spectral Prophecy
4. The Forlorn Existence of Soul Divine
5. ...Of Shadowy Exaltation (When Night blackens with Storm)
6. Imperium Tenebrarum
7. Portals of Chaos (The Final Transmigration)
8. Hidden track

Length: 58:00


Melodic black metal with some death metal-elements, both grim and symphonic, heavy and melodic. Definitely one of the best extreme metal releases ever to come from Russia.

This is the Sound Age Productions re-press from 2003, including a hidden bonus track.


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