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Rêx Mündi "IHVH" CD
Label Debemur Morti
Release date 2011
Style Black Metal
Country Prantsusmaa
Price: 12.99 EUR


1. J´imagine (Be-Reshit)
2. Naphtali [LISTEN]
3. The Flesh Begat
4. Pious Angels (Sefer Seraphim)
5. Patrimoine Génétique
6. Bloodline Imagery (Achieving Synthesis with Hokhmah)
7. Raising My Temples

Length: 49:47

Laced with religious texts, themes and subplots, the mysterious music on Rêx Mündi´s "IHVH" is raw, ancient black metal of the highest calibre. Imbued with surreal cinematic scope and blessed with a unique, crushing atmosphere, the band unleashes a potent debut, marking them out as natural heirs to an unholy throne.

Metal Team UK
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