Realm Of Carnivora - Grotesk

Realm Of Carnivora "Grotesk" CD

Label: Black Devastation
Released: 2012
Style: Black Metal
Country: Estonia


1. Õnnelik, lehkav ja mädanenud korjus
2. Grotesk
3. Surmavalss
4. Tulehaud
5. Hel
6. Varemed
7. Kreuz und Elend
8. Autumnum
9. Surmaingel (bonus track)

Length: 41:58


The flagship of estonian black metal Realm of Carnivora have unleashed their sixth studio album. "Grotesk" - a journey through carnal nature - primitive and raw. Black metal with appalling melody and unhealthy atmosphere. Enter the sore asylum.

The first press of the is CD limited to 300 copies and features a bonus track.


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