Rush - 2112 (Deluxe Ed.)

Rush "2112 (Deluxe Ed.)" Digipak CD/DVD

Label: Universal
Released: 1976/2012
Style: Progressive Rock
Country: Canada


1. Overture
2. The Temples of Syrinx
3. Discovery
4. Presentation
5. Oracle: The Dream
6. Soliloquy
7. Grand Finale
8. A Passage to Bangkok
9. The Twilight Zone
10. Lessons
11. Tears
12. Something for Nothing

Bonus live tracks:
13. Overture (June 25, 1981)
14. The Temples of Syrinx (June 25, 1981)
15. A Passage To Bangkok (June 17, 1980)

- 5.1 Surround Sound mix (DVD-Audio players) and 48kHz / 24-bit Dolby Digital (DVD-Video players)
- 96kHz / 24-bit PCM Stereo (DVD-Audio players) and 48kHz / 24-bit Dolby Digital Stereo (DVD-Video players)
- Digital Comic Book
- Photo Gallery



Through their over 30 years long career, canadian hard rock proggers Rush have proved to be the masters of their respective instrument while creating incredible music. Through the history of the band, they have passed through many distinct phases, with every one of these phases representing a triumph in music, allowing the band to move on. From bluesy hard rock outfit to synth-laden prog-rock virtuocity, Rush has always been known for the instrumental skills of its members, complex compositions, and eclectic lyrical motifs drawing on science fiction, fantasy and philosophy.

The deluxe edition including the remastered "2112" CD with 3 live bonus tracks and a DVD with a 5.1 surround sound audio mix and an interactive digital comic book.


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