Samael - Hegemony

Samael "Hegemony" Digipak CD

Label: Napalm
Released: 2017
Style: Electronic/Industrial Metal
Country: Switzerland


1. Hegemony
2. Samael
3. Angel of Wrath
4. Rite of Renewal
5. Red Planet
6. Black Supremacy
7. Murder or Suicide
8. This World
9. Against All Enemies
10. Land of the Living
11. Dictate of Transparency
12. Helter Skelter

13. Storm of Fire

Length: 51:36


30 years of band history flows into Samael´s brilliant eleventh record "Hegemony". It combines everything that SAMAEL have learnt in decades the hard way. On point and frightening brutal.

Limited edition 4-page Digipak.


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