Sacrilege - Turn Back Trilobite

Sacrilege "Turn Back Trilobite" Digipak CD

Label: Hammerheart
Released: 1989/2018
Style: Doom Metal
Country: United Kingdom


1. Father Time (Beneath the Gaze)
2. Silent Dark
3. Soul Search
4. Awaken (Suryanamaskar)
5. Key to Nirvana
6. Into the Sea of Tranquility (Parts I, II, III)
7. Equinox

8. Key To Sanity (demo)
9. Awaken (Suryanamaskar) (live)
10. Father Time (live)

Length: 52:14 + bonus


The third studio album from a cult British band. This is a doom metal recording showing an obvious fascination with the works of the Swedish heroes Candlemass, and of course the fathers of all things doom Black Sabbath.

2018 reissue with three bonus tracks.


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