Sahg - III (Ltd.)

Sahg "III (Ltd.)" Digipak CD/DVD

Label: Indie
Released: 2010
Style: Stoner/Doom/Heavy Metal
Country: Norway


1. In through the Eye
2. Baptism of Fire
3. Mortify
4. Hollow Mountain
5. Mother´s Revenge
6. Downward Spiral
7. Shadow Monument
8. Burden
9. Denier
10. Spiritual Void

- "Race With Time" (movie/documentary)

Length: 42:22


Without doubt the most immediate and dynamic album Sahg has accomplished to date, "III" worships the altar of RIFF, hailing the golden eras of doom-metal, hard-rock and thrash and adding their very own slight modern touch.

Limited edition, including bonus-DVD with a documentary.


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