Saint Vitus - V

Saint Vitus "V" CD

Label: Southern Lord
Released: 1990/2004
Style: Heavy/Doom Metal
Country: USA


1. Living Backwards
2. I Bleed Black
3. When Emotion Dies
4. Patra (Petra)
5. Ice Monkey
6. Jack Frost
7. Angry Man
8. Mind-Food

Bonus video footage - live 1986
- Saint Vitus
- Prayer for the (M)Asses
- Clear Windowpane
- Zombie Hunger
- White Stallions

Length: 36:37


Saint Vitus were one of the cornerstones of doom-metal, carrying on the legacy of Black Sabbath. From their monumental first era with Scott Reagers on vocals (1979-1986) to the trilogy of albums with Scott "Wino" Weinrich (1986-1991) they released five undeniably classic albums. "V" was their final album with Wino on vocals, holding up just as strong as classics like their self-titled or "Born Too Late".

Re-released by Southern Lord Records in 2004, including live video from the first show with Wino.


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